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FROM: Chrissy

Thank you Bill!

I received the Johnny Rivers CD I ordered from you on Monday(12/22). I�m so glad I searched around and found your site instead of waiting for a bigger, high volume site to deliver my order AFTER Christmas! They were so disappointing. I gave them over a months notice of my order and they STILL couldn�t get it here. You fullfilled it within 5 days of Christmas! If you don�t post comments from customers on your webpage, you should. I appreciate your efforts to get my order here by Christmas. Great job, outstanding customer service! And I wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous Holiday!

Thanks again
From Wisconsin

Dear Bill,
I'm writing to thank you very much indeed for the good service you gave me when I ordered the Porter Wagner cds just before Christmas. I appreciate the time you took to give me good advice and I was very grateful that you returned me a dollar when you found I'd overpaid. So many business people today are only interested in their bottom line profits and it is really refreshing to meet people like yourself who care more about providing an excellent service to their clients. It brightened up our Christmas holiday.
Once again, very many thanks and all best wishes for a successful 2004.

Michael Blackwell

I have placed three different orders with you in the last year or so, and all of them arrived in my mail box in under a week. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate the prompt, professional service I have received from your store. You have made me come to expect better service form others I do business with, unfortunately they will never measure up.

Bruce Bentley
From Georgia

Hi Bill,

The CD arrived yesterday and I am very pleased. Thank You for shipping so quickly.
From Alberta Canada


Thank you so much for working so hard for me. I am very impressed and will make sure people know it.
Thank you much,

Hi Bill,

Just a note to let you know I received the CD�s you sent me. Very happy customer. Great doing business with you.
Many thanks.

Bill -

Today, FRIDAY. THANK YOU and I can't wait to give it to her next month for her birthday. She had been talking about a certain song she had heard once (5# of Possum) so I decided to hunt it down. Thank you again.
Mary Lou

My name is Hugh Stogner and I'm in Chandler Indiana. Bill's was recommended to me by one of the announcers from WPAQ radio in Mt. Airy N.C. I've received 3 or 4 orders from Bill and all have exceeded my expectations. They've arrived quickly and I've really enjoyed what I've bought from Him. The thing that impresses me the most about Bill is the fact that he'll work his fingers to the bone to find the old country and bluegrass music you want. I haven't put Him to work yet on any of The Good Western Swing stuff yet, but I've no doubt that if anybody can find it, he will. He's definitely got more business coming from me. Maybe Santa Claus will let me order some more stuff I want from Him for Christmas. You'd never walk in to one of these so-called record stores around here and find what Bill has found for me. God's blessings to everybody, and, since I mentioned it, Merry Christmas!
Hugh and Rhonda, The Boss, Stogner

> Thank you for the cd order. It has been mailed and you should receive it shortly and I hope that you enjoy them very much.
> Bill Phillips
> Bills Bluegrass

You are most welcome. I was happy to find both CDs available on your site!

Hi Bill
I received the CD. Thanks so much for your honesty and refunding the sale price. Either my dad or I will probably be ordering again from you.
Have a nice night.

Awesome Bill! My grandmother used to have this CD, but lost it while moving. We absolutely loved that CD, and she recently passed away. I couldn't find that album ANYWHERE online, until I found your website. I am so grateful you have it! It's going to bring back so many memories, and make my grandmother live on.
Again, thank you so much, Bill!
Have a great day!
Best regards,
Stephen J. Moore